donmary small circle

Don + Mary Curry

Don and Mary Curry were set in as the lead pastors of NTC in Massena in 1994. NTC recently planted  a church in Plattsburgh NY where they are now focusing as NTC Plattsburghs lead pastors.  They've helped plant and adopt 7 churches in that time. They have 4 children, Nathan, Evan, Dane, and Meghan.

Greg and Jess small circle

Greg+Jess Hurlbut

Greg and Jessica Hurlbut have worked at NTC since 2005 where they were the Youth Pastors for 11 years,  set in as elders in the church in the spring of 2013 and fully ordained in July of 2014. In September of 2016 they transitioned into being the lead pastors of NTC Massena. Greg and Jess have 5 children, Jeremiah, Mara, Isaac, Jacob, and Emma.
jason small circle

Jason Sweet

Jason is NTC's church administrator. After working years as s Human Resources Director, Jason felt called to work for the local church. Jason also heads up our Compassion North Ministry which is responsible for helping the underprivileged and needy of our region. 
heather small circle

Heather Ramsdell

Heather has been on staff as NTC's childrens pastor since 2008 and has worked with NTC's children since 2004. Her husband Tony and her have 4 girls, Gabrielle, Makiah, Danaye, and Annica.
elaine small circle

Elaine Kesner

Elaine Kesner is the worship team leader at NTC. She moved into the leadership of our team in 2009 bringing her passion to see The Holy Spirit move through our time of corporate worship. Elaine and her husband John have 3 children, Kayla, Jenna, and Aaron.
rod fern small circle

Rod+Fern Douglas

Rod and Fern were born and raised in Northern New York. In 2000 they became part of the eldership team, and came on as part time staff in 2007. They have one son, Alex, and two daughters, Molly and Heidi, along with two grandsons, Jayden and Jonas.
chrispatti small circle

Chris+Patti White

Chris and Patti have been elders at NTC since 2005 and minister to families and marriage. They have been blessed with 5 amazing children Michelle, Molli, Joshua, Hannah, and Levi.
justinjulie small circle

Justin+Julie Cardinal

Justin and Julie have been a part of NTC's leadership team  and on staff since 2002. They have 3 children, Sydney, Asher, and Abel.