What To Expect

WELCOME!!! When you attend a Sunday service, our prayer is that you will IMMEDIATELY sense the enveloping presence of God's LOVE , as well as feel genuinely accepted by the people you will meet.

The second thing you will experience in our public gatherings is a lively and dynamic time of worship where we express our devotion to God through music, song and other Biblical expressions of praise. During this time, you may encounter the following:

  • Clapping, singing, shouting, dancing, lifting hands, flag waving, bowing and kneeling. (Psalms 47:1, Psalms 149:3, Psalms 150:4)
  • Corporate prayer, where the entire church body prays for the needs of a particular person or situation, which may include the laying on of hands during the time of prayer (Acts 4:24)
  • Prophetic words, which is a spiritual gift given by God to an individual to speak out a message to the entire church body in order to teach or encourage or comfort the church (1 Corinthians 14:46)
  • Singing or speaking in tongues, which is simply a spiritual gift given by God to an individual to speak or sing in a language not known or understood by that individual. When this occurs during our service, the church body gives its attention to the speaker, and then wait for someone to be given a Holy Spirit-inspired interpretation     (1 Corinthians 14:4-15, 27).

Since our focus ultimately is relationship with God, you will often hear the following:

"We are not coming together for church; we are the church coming together".

This is just another way to say "We ARE the church; we don't simply GO to church". The CHURCH is not a building or institution, but God's PEOPLE, expressing their love for Him and each other in practical ways.

Following this time of expressive praise, we generally have announcements, receive tithes and offerings, and have a brief time for greeting one another. A Biblically-based message is then given, and there is time for individual prayer and personal ministry once the service has concluded. There are also people available before and after each service to pray for individual needs.

We genuinely desire worship at NTC to be spontaneous and prompted by the Holy Spirit. So although we tend to follow a similar format each Sunday, we are open to where ever the Holy Spirit may lead, even if this means departing completely from our typical format described above.
We trust that our services will be refreshing as well as a challenge to your spiritual life. If you have any further questions about our services or what occurs during our worship time, we would be delighted to meet with you at your convenience.



We provide childrens ministry and care for all ages. At NTC we are aware that whether you have infants or older children you need a safe place for them to learn. We also know that your kids want to have lots of fun. That's why You’ll find that our nurseries and children’s classrooms are a safe and fun place for them to learn. our children’s pastors and many volunteers who work in our Children’s Ministry are committed to providing a safe and fun environment for your kids.