Kako Camps :

Kako Retreat Center is a non-profit Christian organization providing Christ-centered retreats, youth camps, workshops, seminars and counseling to encourage and benefit people living in remote Alaskan villages of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta region. Kako is located by the Yukon river 400 miles west of Anchorage and the nearest road system. Approximately 30,000 Yupik, 1000 Athabascan, and 4000 non-native people live in the YK Delta area.

Kako is strategically centered with twenty four villages within a half hour flight, and 56 within an hour flight from Kako’s airstrip. Small planes are the only efficient means of transportation.

Volunteering at Kako during the summer is an adventure filled with challenges and blessings. It is deeply fulfilling and life changing in every way. Every aspect of camp is planned and prayed for. Kako Retreat Center has a great need for people to serve as summer counselors, kitchen help and activities. There are roles for all personalities! 

Summer camps for kids are filled with fun activities such as canoeing, swimming, crafts, rappelling, zip lining, archery and more. You will spend some time as staff, helping in the kitchen, maintenance, and running activities. You may be a camp counselor, there are 8 camp counselors and each one is responsible for a cabin of kids. Each cabin has between 4-6 kids. You will be responsible to take your kids to activities, meals and keep them on schedule. Many counselors grow deep bonds with their children, as you spend pretty much all day every day with them.

The most important focus of camp is to share the hope of Jesus. Twice a day every day there is Bible time, where all of camp gathers to sing fun songs, memorize the camps theme verse, and listen to whoever the teacher may be that day. Children arrive on Monday and leave on Friday. Fridays are often emotional days as children dont want to leave and goodbyes are hard. Weekends are spent cleaning up from the past week, preparing for the one ahead and catching up on sleep as much as possible. This routine is followed for 6 weeks, and by the end of camp approximately 250 kids have made their way through camp.

If you are interested in getting involved with Kako please follow this link