NTC is a non-denominational church in Massena, NY that is a member of the Mannahouse Global Family. Our mission as a church is simply to Know God, to Love One Another, and to Make Disciples. These are life long endeavors that we work towards each and every day together. 

We often say that we are not coming together for church, but we are the church coming together. Without the people that gather in our building or tune in to our livestream, our building is nothing more than a structure. Since the beginning of humanity we were not designed to be alone. God created us for one another… with purpose in mind, and we believe the church is Gods vehicle for providing us with family and purpose. That’s why we believe every person belongs in a church family and our doors are always open to you.

NTC is led by our Lead Pastors Greg and Jessica Hurlbut, a Pastoral Lead Team and an Eldership Team.

Greg and Jessica grew up in NTC and served on staff in youth ministry since 2005. In 2016, they transitioned into their current roles as Lead Pastors.

Our Lead Team is comprised of our pastoral staff who are responsible for the daily operations of our organization. They work in conjunction with our Eldership Team who provides oversight and accountability, and both of these teams work alongside our team leaders and small group leaders to lead and pastor our community.

If you would like to learn more about us read our Our Values. These statements summarize the things that we are passionate about and inform how we invest our time, energy, and resources.

You can can also read Our Beliefs to learn more about what we believe about God, the Scriptures, and salvation.

Finally, if you would to learn more about when our church was founded and our passion for starting and strengthening churches read Our History.