Everyone has a story, a history. The story of NTC is written and defined by the people that have come before us and helped bring us to where we are today. 

Our church began in 1980 when Tom Wells led a small group of people, who had been traveling from Massena to Madrid for church, to establish their own church in their own town. They began by meeting in homes and then moved to renting a couple of locations before purchasing the property here on Andrews Street. In 1981 they began constructing our first building. After steady growth a large addition project began in 1986 expanding our footprint to what remains today. In recent years we have spent a great deal of time updating our property and making it more conducive for the ministries we offer today. Tom Wells remained the pastor till 1994 when he and others moved to Williamsburg, VA to plant a church. 

In 1994, Don Curry then became the lead pastor and led our church till 2016 when he and his wife Mary began planting a new church in Plattsburgh NY, where they are still pastoring a thriving NTC church today. During Pastor Don’s time, NTC had the privilege of starting and helping to strengthen other churches around the world. Leaders and resources from our church have been sent to start and strengthen churches in Ottawa, Cornwall, Akwesasne, Malone, Burlington, Saranac Lake, and Plattsburgh. We have also invested heavily in already established churches in our region as well as in far away places such as Romania, Colombia, and Uganda. We believe God has work for us to do still as we remain active in our community, in churches around the world, and anticipate where God will continue to lead us.

In 2016, as Pastor Don moved to plant a church, Greg Hurlbut and his wife Jessica transitioned in as our current Lead Pastors after serving the church in the youth ministry role since 2005. At NTC, we know that Jesus loves the Church as a whole and so we’ve endeavored to always be a part of something larger than ourselves. In 1986 , Pastor Tom joined MFI (Minister Fellowship International) that has helped to shape us over these many years. Today , that relationship still continues along with our relationship with Mannahouse Global Family. June of 2021 marks 40 years of NTC celebrating being a church that desires to extend Gods Kingdom through peoples lives and church plants and we will continue to do that for the next 40 years.